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Konstancin-Jeziorna is located by the picturesque river Jeziorka approximately 18 km south of the centre of Warsaw. It is surrounded by a complex of Chojnowsko-Słomczyńskie forests, and joins with Kabacki Forest in the north. A large part of the place itself is located also in the forest. South of Konstancin-Jeziorna Słomczyńskie forests spread out, in which a few nature reservoirs have been allocated. Konstancin has excellent health-resort value as the only health-resort in the vicinity of Warsaw. It is a place of extracting hot mineral waters and in 1978 a brine graduation tower was opened. A few spas function in the city, in which ailments of the spine and motor apparatus are treated, as well as a Health-resort, which offers neurological, cardio and systemic rehabilitation.

Konstancin’s many picturesque hideaways allow to intercourse with nature’s beauty in peace and quiet. Numerous walking routes are marked out in the area, because the forests and brine graduation tower nearby are favourable to relaxation and are an attractive area for walkers.